C++ Programming

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👨‍💻 Your step to Computer Programming. Platforuma C++ Programming course will take you from an absolute beginner to becoming an expert in C++ language. It is a practical type course that will develop your thinking and logical ability to develop code.😎

🤔 Practice Question: 100-140 Questions

🔩 Projects: 2 Projects (Industry level)

🎓Duration: 6-8 Weeks (Depending upon Student’s Interest & Capabilities)

🤑 The practice question for each topic will be provided at the center and no additional fee needs to be paid for the same.

🧐 Individual Session will be a minimum of 1.5 Hr. Timing Division: 20-30 minutes on theory concepts, Rest 60-70 minutes of Practical Problem-Solving Session. Learn more 👇


Begin your CODE 💻

  1. Introduction
    1. C++ History, Usage & features.
    2. C++ Program structures.
    3. C++ Basic Input-Output.
    4. C++ Manipulators.
    5. C++ Token.
  2. Data Types.
  3. Variables
  4. Storage Classes.
  5. Decision making.
  6. Loop
  7. Functions
  8. Array & Strings.
  9. Pointers
  10. Structures
  11. References
  12. OOP’S Concept.
  13. C++ Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  14. Templates
  15. Exception Handling.
  16. Project-1 Student Database system.
  17. Project – 2 Bus reservation system


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