Cyber Chain

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👨‍💻 Your secure key to Cyber Security into the depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation and helps you to take their confident first step towards the information security field along with Blockchain-based applications are springing up, covering numerous fields including financial services, reputation system and Internet of Things (IoT), and so on.

We designed this to give you real-world exposure in information security by hands-on experience in tools and techniques. 😎

🤔 Pre-Requisite: None

🔩 Projects: World Class projects in Data security and networking

🎓Duration: 6-8 Weeks (Depending upon Student’s Interest & Capabilities)

🤑 The practice question for each topic and Software will be provided at the center and no additional fee needs to be paid for the same.

🧐 Individual Session will be a minimum of 2 Hr. Timing Division: 30-40 minutes on theory concepts, Rest 70-90 minutes of Practical Problem-Solving Session. Learn more 👇

Why should you learn this?💻💸

Instead of burdening you with a huge amount of courseware, this course provides a systematic practical approach towards learning and helps to take your confident first step towards ethical hacking; focusing on the real-world practical tools and techniques of hacking.💻

  1. Any Software Developer want to be a Blockchain Developer
  2. Senior Technical Architects, who want to have strong domain knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
  3. Any Web Developer, who is opting to work in the domain of Blockchain Technology
  4. Experienced professionals working in other domains and would like to shift their career into the world’s most demanded and trending domain; Blockchain
  5. Researchers, Academicians, Banking and other Industry participants working in e-Security
  6. Fresher or Graduates seeking for building their career in Blockchain

Benefits of Cyber-Chain

  1. Have a strong domain knowledge of Cyber-Security & Blockchain technology
  2. Get both theory and practical knowledge
  3. Get practical examples of blockchain, smart contract, security tools and much more

Cyber-Chain's Highlights

  • Concept of blockchain & Cyber Security
  • Use Case of blockchain & security tools
  • Concept of cryptocurrencies and Fintech
  • WEB 3.O
  • Job opportunity
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Live projects

Cyber-Chain Structure

  1. Introduction to Cyber-Chain
  2. Cyber Security
    1. The need for cybersecurity
    2. Cybersecurity Fundamentals
    3. Motives, Goals, and Objectives of Information Security Attacks
    4. Information Warfare
    5. Hackers
      1. Who is a Hacker?
      2. Why hackers hack
      3. Data Leakage
      4. Data Breach
      5. Digital Privacy and its need
      6. How to achieve complete privacy on the internet
      7. Data recovery
      8. Role of AI/ML in Cyber Security
    6. Footprinting and Reconnaissance
      1. Enumeration
      2. Vulnerability identification
      3. Data Tracking
      4. Tracking of Data
      5. Honeypot
    7. System hacking
      1. Malware analysis
      2. Ransomware decryption
      3. Hacking web servers
    8. Government action plan
      1. Cyberwarfare
      2. Security operation Centre
    9. Cyber forensics basics
      1. Email Investigation
    10. Cryptocurrency
      1. BTC Mining strategies
      2. Cryptocurrency Wallet
  3. Blockchain
    1. How blockchain works
    2. Blockchain Consensus Algorithms
    3. Crypto-jacking
    4. Ethereum
    5. Ether
    6. Smart contract
    7. Deploying smart contract
  4. Quantum Computing


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