Beginner’s Arduino

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⚡ Your ticket to an embedded world with the help of Micro-controller boards, multiple sensors, Arduino (C Programming) & PCB Simulation and Designing. The complete Training Program is covered in 4 modules. 🤖

👨‍💻 Duration: 6-7 Weeks (Depending upon Student’s Interest & Capabilities)

🤑 Training kit and the material will be provided at the center and no additional fee needs to be paid for the same.

🧐 All the 4 Modules are Class Room Activity, which the student will cover during the regular timings. If they wish to learn more, they will also get free ‘Open Development Lab Access’ for free of cost. Learn more 👇

Arduino Projects ⚙🛠

These projects will be covered during the session of ‘Hands-on sessions on Sensors’. After learning to interface each sensor, a project related to it will be assigned to every individual in a number of steps to complete the project. Full Assistance and Guidance to complete the project will be provided by the faculty in the classroom.👨‍🏭⚡

    1. Led matrix 4×4
    2. Traffic light system
    3. Automatic street light system
    4. Phototropic robot
    5. Smart temp alert
    6. Automatic fan speed controller
    7. Melody ton
    8. Police siren
    9. Controlling the led using button
    10. Vending machine
    11. Reverse and forward direction using DPDT Switch
    12. Parking alert system
    13. Radar system
    14. Obstacle detection
    15. Human counter
    16. Smart light with a human counter
    17. Car parking slot monitoring
    18. Scrolling “LEARN INNOVATE INSPIRE” on an LCD display
    19. Basic calculator (+, -, x, /)
    20. Door security system with the password
    21. Automatic A.C. ON/OFF System
    22. Distance meter
    23. Smart dustbin
    24. 5 Step speed-controlled fan
    25. Line follower
    26. Remote control
    27. Obstacle avoider
    28. Laptop control
    29. Edge avoider
    30. Mobile control bot
    31. Wireless robot
    32. Gesture Controlled
    33. Joystick Controlled
    34. Digital watch using 7 segments
    35. Counter using a 7-segment display
    36. Garage lock system using the keypad
    37. Joystick controlled dual-axis camera
    38. BT controlled home automation
    39. BT voice home automation
    40. RF control of DC motor (forward and reverse direction)
    41. Led ON/OFF using an RF module
    42. BT controlled the servo motor
    43. Dual-axis solar tracker
    44. Solar panel cleaner
    45. Humidity controlled fan
    46. Temp and humidity alert system using display
    47. RF controlled gate open/close

Hands-on sessions with the Sensors (18 Sensors):

Individual Session will of a minimum of 1.5 Hr.
Timing Division: 20-30 minutes on theoretical concepts of the Sensor, Rest 60-70 minutes of Practical Problem-Solving Session

  1. Digital Sensors:
    • LED
    • Buzzer
    • Button
    • DPDT Switch
    • Infra-Red Sensor
  2. Analog Sensor
    • Photoresistor
    • POT
    • LM-35 (Temperature Sensor)
    • DHT-11
    • SR-04 (Distance Sensor)
  3. Displays:
    • 7 Segment
    • Liquid Crystal Display(16×2)
  4. Wireless Modules:
    • Radio Frequency (RF 434Mhz) Module
    • Bluetooth (HC-05) Module
  5. Actuators
    • DC Motor
    • Servo Motor
  6. Input Sensors
    • Keypad 4×4 Matrix
    • Joystick

Wheeled Bot Session

The Wheeled bot session will be completely guided by the Faculty at Platforuma and will be organized in a team of 2 people in each team. The session is held in a competitive environment so that the students can be prepared for challenges in college-level fest, IITs & NITs events 🐱‍🏍

    1. Line Follower with IR Sensor (3|5 Sensor Interfacing)
    2. Edge Avoider Bot with SR-04 Sensor (1|3 Sensor Interfacing)
    3. Edge Avoider Bot with IR Sensor (1|3 Sensor Interfacing)
    4. Obstacle Avoider Bot with IR Sensor (1|3 Sensor Interfacing)
    5. Obstacle Avoider Bot with SR-04 Sensor (1|3 Sensor Interfacing)
    6. Laptop Controlled Bot with Serial Communication
    7. Remote Controlled Wired Bot for Robo Race Competition
    8. Mobile Controlled Bot (Keys based)
    9. Mobile Controlled Bot (Gesture-based)
    10. Remote Controlled Wireless Bot for Robo Race Competition
    11. Joystick Controlled Bot

PCB Simulation & Designing

Starting with the basic theory of Circuit Electronics, component study to simulating & designing a virtual circuit, before processing the actual PCB, everything will be coved in this session, so that one can know how the industries work.

    1. Basic Terminologies
    2. Component Study and Circuit Theory
    3. IC Study – NE 555 Timer IC
    4. PCB Simulation on Laptop
    5. PCB Designing
    6. Etching & Soldering Process
    7. Trouble-shooting
    8. Project:
      • Automatic Street Light Project
      • LED Blinking Project

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